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Business Solutions

Managed Services

Whether you have a big or small IT department, or need to augment your existing IT staff for project based support, we can make your IT operations more efficient so you can focus on your business.

Network Security

With a team of cybersecurity experts, we are able to secure your network and lock down intrusions. We know the best ways to get in and out of networks without being seen and by mastering these skills we are able to ensure no one will penetrate your network unseen under our watch.

IT Support

When you’re having application issues and computers don’t seem to run right sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to handle these issues by yourself. Make your employees more efficient with our trained staff. We will solve your issues and optimize your systems in a short period of time.

Data Backup & Recovery

When it comes to natural disasters, they really don’t happen. Ransomware and Viruses do happen, and when it happens it will bring your organization to a screeching halt. We can pre-emptively create backups of critical files or critical systems. If you are hit with ransomware or any virus, we can virtualize your systems right from the cloud or pull back the files you really need to access.

Computer Support

Xanook IT support services covers on-site and remote computer support. With our trained IT staff we will handle any of your computer, software applications or digital device issues with speed and accuracy.

Hardware Services

We provide all hardware services from hardware security to pc building. We recommend what your business needs to keep you safe and customize everything for your specific operation. With a flat monthly fee for equipment and warranty service, we eliminate large capital outlays and allow IT equipment costs and related maintenance services to qualify as operating expenses, providing you with significant tax advantages.

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Our Business service is high demand 24x7 in person and remote support

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