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Business Q & A

A. XaNook is your personal IT service. We discuss your current business needs and tailor our services to fit what you are looking for.
A. Our business plans are much more in depth and tailored to the specific needs of an entire network, whereas our residential plan mainly focuses on personal devices.
A. As your company grows, so do your IT needs. We help you with all your technology services and make sure things go smoothly when you take the next step.
A. We have technicians who dedicate their time to learning the ins and outs hackers use to penetrate systems and tactically place safe guards. We are able to discover vulnerabilities before they are massively reported and have the necessary precautions in place to protect you.
A. Quality security takes time. Our dedicated techs research the latest innovations and threats to cyber security to make sure your data is safe behind our protection.
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Residential Q & A

A. Xanook offers premium cybersecuriy and managed services.
A. Our cyber security services alert us when suspicious activity is happening within your network. Our managed services proactively protect you against threats to your data. We are constantly improving our security so you can rest assured that your information is safe.
A. Your personal email accounts and network activity are susceptible to hackers or other criminals looking to steal your information or your identity. XaNook's software detects any suspicious software and quarantines it before your device is compromised. Our firewall and antivirus software keep you safe when you're online.
A. If there is a problem you won't even have to call us, though you can if you prefer. Our software has a button to submit tickets right on your taskbar. Submitting a ticket will get you connected to a professional dedicated to helping you through ANY issue.
A. Having your personal data and information in the hands of hackers or criminals can wreck havoc on your family. Losing important files and family photos to computer viruses can be devastating. Our cyber security gives you peace of mind that your internet devices are safe from threats at an affordable price.
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